ultrasound and microwave assisted extraction of soybean oil by haizhou li

Microwave and Ultrasound Assisted Extraction of Soybean Oil

Li et al. [34, 35] applied 20kHz high-intensity ultrasound during extraction of oil from two varieties of soybeans. The highest yield result of 12.21g from 100g soybeans (19.2% oil content in

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Ultrases yöntemi ile karotenoitlerin ekstraksiyonu | TR Dizin

Sun DW, Li B. 2003. Microstructural change of potato tissues frozen by ultrasound-assisted immersion freezing. J Food Eng, 57: 337-345. Kim SM, Zayas JF. 1989. Processing parameter of chymosin extraction by ultrasound; in J. Food Sci, 54:700. Haizhou L, Pordesimo L, Weiss J. 2004. High Intensity Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Oil from Soybeans.

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國立高雄科技大學圖書館 – wms.lib.nkust.edu.tw

The properties of a Rydberg atom immersed in an ultracold environment were investigated. Two scenarios were considered, one of which involves the neighbouring ground-state atoms arranged in a spatially structured configuration, while the other involves them distributed randomly in space.

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